Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

'Twas the day after Christmas
and there's a bit of a mess in the house,
because I'm still not caught up
from our visit to The Mouse.

Our Christmas was wonderful.
It was grad. It was great.
But I ate and I ate.
And I ate and I ate.

So I'm ready for things
to get back to the norm.
I hope to go for a walk later
because it will be slightly "warm."

I'll be washing and cleaning
and organizing and working.
And playing and posting
and blogging and lurking.

There's new toys to play with,
dolls to dress and thank you cards to write.
There's really lots to do
before I call it a night.

It will be a great day
and hopefully I'll get some things done.
But it will be ok with me
if it's only just one.

It's a day to have fun
and enjoy being here.
But I won't be surprised, if later,
I feel like I need a beer!

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