Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

See...I love the idea of theme days...

My children are still young (4,4,6 and 9) but as they get older, I am finding myself with a little more "free" time. Most of the time, it's when everyone is in school, but sometimes it's unexpected like when they go over to my parents house at the last minute. When I'm in the thick of things, I often think of what I'd do if I had a child(ren)-free moment, but when it actually happens, I don't know what to do with myself. I think it's because there is really so much that I could be doing, that I don't even know where to begin.

Lately, I've been spending much of my free time exercising. But today, was a day off from exercising and I found myself with a chunk of time while everyone was at school. I had so many plans: listing some things on Craigslist, cleaning, doing some laundry, organizing a couple of things...

Do you know what I did? I ate lunch, watched my DVR'd The Biggest Loser and made a mad dash around the house, picking up a few things, before I went to pick up my little ones from school. I think sometimes that those preschool hours are the quickest hours of my life!! Hopefully next time I'll be a little more productive!

Wordless Wednesday - A Little Makeover


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Takin' It Off Tuesday

The scale has not been my friend this week and I'm a little frustrated about it. It has been like two steps forward and one and a half steps back. I keep trying to tell myself that I am still moving in the right direction but it's just not at the rate that I'd like.

I am trying not to rely on the scale so much, but I am very obsessed with what it's going to tell me. Honestly, it's what gets me up and going some mornings. I thought a little bit about putting the scale away for a while and then take it out again after a couple weeks. My fear is that I would get a lousy number and I would be totally discouraged.

I have one good theory about why I have almost stalled out. I think that I haven't been drinking enough water. I have discovered Diet Dr. Pepper and have probably been drinking way to much of that. I am going to try and drink more water and see how that goes.

I have been doing pretty well with eating and I walked a little over 25 miles (for exercise) this past Sunday through Saturday. I'm happy with that. My goal for this week is 30. I think I can do it. As of Tuesday, I have walked 15 miles, so I'll do 5 on Friday and 5 on Saturday (hopefully). So with that and the water, I'll see how the scale does. Clothes are fitting differently, so I think I'm making some progress:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Takin' It Off Tuesday

I think that I do better when I have a theme for the day, so this is what I thought of for today.

I am on a journey right now. I am trying to lose weight and it is going to be a long, slow process. But that's ok. I am up for the challenge and I am in it for the long haul. My 40th birthday is coming up soon and I really wanted to be at a certain weight by the time it got here. I don't think that I will be at that number, but I think (Hope!!!) that I will be very pleased with my progress.

I have to admit that although I feel like I have been working very hard, the number on the scale isn't moving as fast as I would like (and I want to mention that at this point, I am not going to share any numbers. They are very personal to me. Maybe if and when I lose what I want to, I will change my mind). I am trying not to focus to much on that number so that I don't get too discouraged. I have been trying to give myself pep talks and as a result, I have come up with this analogy for my weight loss journey:

It is like I am planning a bicycle trip from New York to California and back to New York again. I know that it is going to take me a long time to get there and back. However, it's not just about arriving back in NY, it's about the journey. I know that I am going to have fun on this trip and see "friends" that I haven't seen in a long time. I know that I really need to get back home to NY so I am hoping that I don't get too comfortable in some other state and decide to stay there for too long. The frustrating part is that it seems like sometimes, my bike odometer gets stuck and it seems like I'm making no progress at all in my trip. I have to keep telling myself that as long as I ride my bike every day in the general direction that I want to go in, it doesn't always matter what my bike odometer is saying. Hopefully it will catch up eventually.

It's about embracing the process :)