Thursday, November 6, 2008

Under the weather...

Ugh!! I am currently battling a sinus infection and all I want to do is lie down. That, of course, doesn't get to happen nearly as much as I would like. I know that I have had a sinus infection before, but I don't remember it making me so miserable.

I had a cold last week, and I honestly think that all of the Halloween festivities wore me out. I was so glad that it was over. We had fun, but it was pretty busy. Being busy is fine, but having to put on a costume for every event did get old!!

Anyway...I am on antibiotics and am expecting to feel better soon.

Like I said, last week was busy with Halloween, my husband's birthday and various other things. One of my four year olds has also kept me on my toes recently. She is into art types of projects right now and loves to color and then cut things out. There are several pairs of scissors around that she has pretty easy access to and it hasn't been a problem until she walked up to me last Friday and handed me this:


Luckily, it was from the back of her head and it is covered by some other hair. It's a little hard to notice unless you look pretty close. She had just had her hair cut the day before, so there isn't enough there to go and have it "fixed." As I often say to myself after I get my hair cut, "Good thing hair grow back fairly quickly!"

Then...on Sunday evening, she was playing with a little charm from a necklace that was no longer on the necklace. She started coughing and told me that she had swallowed the charm! It was fairly small and we don't think that it has/will cause a problem. I would take a picture of the charm to show you, but we don't have it yet :) Hopefully soon, but I think that I may pass on the picture!

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