Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My poem

T'was the day before Thanksgiving
and here at our house,
I'm trying to drown out the fighting
by clicking the mouse.

Though there are many things to do,
such as cleaning, laundry and such,
I'm enjoying today
because we're not in a rush so much.

Looking forward to this weekend,
it starts such a festive time of year.
We plan on doing our decorating
so I better get my rear in gear!!

Now, for planning tomorrow,
it wouldn't be such a worry
If my kids liked and would eat
the trimmings and turkey :(

Well, my down time is over.
I really must stop this play.
May you all have a wonderful
Thanksgiving Day!!

I know, I know...I'm no poet, but I happen to be an excellent procrastinator.

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