Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fridays Fave 5

***I had to come back and add a little something because I feel like I may have given the wrong impression in this last post. Yes, I try and drink a lot of water, I try and use moderation with what I am consuming and I try and exercise a few times a week. However, I am also a poster child for "Needs to lose quite a bit of weight!" I am trying. I like to say that I am a work in progress, but it's a slow process!***


I participated in this once and then missed two weeks :( I received such a warm welcome from the lovely ladies from Living to the the Story and friends. Thank you so much!!

Ok - here is my list from this past week:

1. Seeing a man run across the Wegman's parking lot to get a runaway shopping cart. It wasn't his cart and it wasn't heading near his car, but it was left in the parking lot on a terribly windy day and he saved a bunch of cars from getting hit. Very sweet!!

2. This beverage. I don't drink coffee but I do love this. It has quite a few calories in it, but I usually stretch this bottle out over 3 mornings. Sometimes, I just need an extra little something to get me going in the morning.

3. My big Tervis Tumbler water cup. I try to drink between 60 and 100 ounces of water each day. I don't like to drink water out of a glass cup for some reason. I usually prefer something with a straw. This cup keeps my water nice and cold and it doesn't sweat. I love it.

4. Udder Cream lotion that I found at the dollar store (I'll add a picture later). During the colder months, my hands get so dry. This lotion is nice and light, but effective. I don't think it's a great bargain at all because it's only 2 ounces, but it works great!

5. Elliptical machines! I have recently discovered that our community rec. center has a pretty nice exercise room that is free and that is fairly underutilized, especially during the day. The elliptical machine is my new favorite form of exercise!

That's my list for this week. For more Fave lists visit Living to tell the Story.


Brenda said...

I am with you on drinking water out of a straw. I have to drink a lot of water in the heat in Paraguay and find I drink it easier out of a straw.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tracie said...

That drink looks yummy! And what a cute water cup. It's so good for you, especially your skin.

Annie said...

Great list! I have a really hard time drinking water. Maybe I need a fun cup to use :)!

Susanne said...

Oh to have your discipline when it comes to anything coffee or cappucino! Three days you make that last? Wow, I've got work to do. :v)

A cup that doesn't sweat and keeps your water cold? That is something I need. I really dislike room temp water. It's got to be cold.

Applauding the shopping cart man! That was really nice. Thanks for joining in again. Loved your list!

Karen said...

This is a great list, and kuddos to you for drinking water, exercising, and limiting the caffeine. I do the first, attempt the second, but fail miserably at the third:(

I like your blog and love the name.

Robin said...

Good for you drinking all that water. I wish I could make myself do that. I just don't like drinking water. But I know I should.
And how sweet of you to notice the sweet man in the parking lot. So many times those little things go unnoticed.

Jen said...

Hi Robin!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Fun list of 5, love the smiley face water bottle!
Good luck with the weight loss, I'm at one year maintenance, it was only 20lbs but I've lost it about 15 times. I'm a pro at losing and gaining back. Good luck, you go girl!

The google calendar, I use sub-calendars so I can color code birthdays & menus separate from the schedule. Honey also uses google so I can see changes to his work schedule and we avoid the "you didn't tell me that" issues.

I can also send text messages to the google calendar it goes on there and then I can edit later.

Thanks again for stopping by it was nice "meeting" you!