Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Takin' It Off Tuesday

I am pleased with how this week went in terms of loss, even though it wasn't the best week in terms of being able to exercise and food...ugh...let's just say I didn't do that great this weekend.

I walked 6 miles on two different days, 3.2 on one day and did a Walk Away the Pounds (3 miles) on two different days. This was a total of 21.2 miles. It's below what I wanted to do, especially since I don't consider the WATP dvds to be a true 3 miles. I need to remember to wear my pedometer sometime to see what that reads. However, it does seem to be a pretty good workout and it's good in a pinch which is what I was in this past week since I had a sick child at home for most of the week.

I am trying not to get too wacky about exercising, but I feel like I have found a good routine. Walking, or whatever, for roughly 25 miles per week seems to be working well right now. I have moved past the point where I was stuck and I have a little more freedom with what I can eat. I do have to be a little careful to not exercise too much because then I feel like I can just eat whatever I want to and that is so clearly not the case!

I am excited because I am 4 pounds away from being at my halfway point for my 40 pound goal. If I can lose that 4 pounds by 5/6, then I feel like I will be on track to lose another 20 by the time my birthday is here. This week didn't get off to the best start. Easter was a busy day so I wasn't able to walk as much as I would've liked to and then I developed some heel pain so I took it easy yesterday. Today I used the elliptical machine for 6 miles (between 6.0 & 7.0 mph the whole time) and I was very pleased with that! Tomorrow I am hoping to get a good walk in and hopefully my heel won't bother me too much.

So...my goal for the week is 25 miles. So far:

Sunday - 1.6 miles walked
Monday - 1.6 miles walked
Tuesday - 6 miles on the elliptical

I think it will be close.


Souza Sisters said...

I have WATP too! I like it. I don't live in a really great neighborhood so this really works for me. I am excited cause my husband bought me a Wii last night. They were sold out of the Wii Fit but we are going to order it. I did some of the sport games last night and could really feel the burn. I am hoping this will help me lose some weight. Good for you for walking 25 miles!! That's awesome:)

Jen said...

25 miles a week that's amazing! Keep up the good work. I'll have to check out WATP. Good luck meeting your goal.