Friday, January 9, 2009

Fridays Fave 5


It's been way too long since I have participated in this. I've missed it.

This week has gone by so fast, but for some reason, I'm having trouble remembering details from the beginning of the week. Ugh! are my 5:

1. My husband is back tonight from being out of town. I never like it when he's gone, but this time was especially tough, even though he was just gone for a couple days. I think that it's because we've spent more time together over the past few weeks and (I think) we've had a lot of fun.

2. Dark Chocolate Chex Mix - this is soooo yummy. I think that I've had my fill of it though, at least for right now. I won't mention exactly how much of it I've eaten, but I will say that I had it for lunch one day this week :)

3. My watch - last year, right before Christmas, my beautiful analog watch that I had for years, died. I decided that I wanted a watch with some other features so I went with digital Timex watch. I had asked my husband for this watch for that Christmas, but after a couple days, I could not stand being watchless any longer and bought it myself (he's a last minute shopper so he hadn't gotten yet, I checked). For a long time after I bought the watch, I gushed about how much I loved it. He was a little bummed that he wasn't the one to get it for me. This watch really isn't anything special as far as watches go, but it's so different from my old watch and really helps me out at this point in my life. My favorite features are the alarm clock (how handy!!) and the timer. When my kids are fighting over a toy, they now ask me to set my timer so that they can take turns. Again, very handy!

4. Wordscraper on Facebook - this is Facebook's version of Scrabble (have I mentioned that I love, love, love Facebook?). I gave up on playing Scrabble with my husband, many years ago, because really, he's just too good at it. But this...this is fun and I love playing it with him.

5. Oxi Clean Spray - I don't have much patience for dealing with stains on clothes, which is unfortunate because we see a lot of them here. This spray has been a huge help to me. And...the other day I ran out of my kitchen cleaner so I decided to try this. It did a wonderful job!


Susanne said...

Hi Robin! I so know what you mean about the week going by very quickly but not remembering details. Happens to me all the time. LOL.

When my hubby went out of town a few times for work, I hated it. Nothing was the same.

I've so got to look for that Chex Mix. Yum!

Willow said...

I loved my husband's work trips because it gave me time to focus on my daughter. We were talking about that last weekend, my daughter and I, about how special those times were when the 3 older ones were in college and papa was away and it was just us two girls at home. It might have been different if all the kids were home and still young (I did that a few times, don't remember them, must have been awful and I've blocked the memory!).

Have a good week!

Jill Scott said...

I have that exact same watch and I love it. I use the stop watch feature to time my runs. When I run, that is.

Thanks for the sweet comment. You're so sweet.

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