Friday, June 6, 2008

We're back (actually we've been back)!!

We had a wonderful time!! We arrived home on Sunday and I have been wanting to post about the trip. Actually I wanted to post while we were away, but I messed up my DH's work laptop (nothing major, but he was irritated) so I decided to save the updates for when we returned home.

However...I guess that the trip wiped me out a little bit because my energy has been a little low. Plus, going away always makes me want to "nest" when I get home, so I have been putting what little energy I have into that. Plus, my little 6 year old has been sick and I think a lot of the rest of us have been under the weather just a bit. We're just a little off overall :)

So anyway...I'm hoping to catch up a little over the next few days.

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McMommy said...

Wow! A blog devoted to your family travels??? I love it! I see you are going to Disney too...will that be your first time?