Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obsessions can be healthy. Right??

I very freely admit that I love to know about people. I love to read about them, listen about what they do and look at pictures. In general, I love to see how other people live. I don't think it's a bad thing. Even Oprah admit that she likes to see how other people live.

Of course, I have been called a stalker by some people close to me, but it's been said in love. I assuming that it was said in love. Maybe I've been too free in admitting my love for going for walks at dusk when people haven't closed their blinds for the night (a great way to get decorating ideas) or my habit of doing drive-bys when I am in an area where an acquaintance lives (great way to get landscaping ideas).

I have to stop here and tell the story about the last time that I did a drive by. This experience happened several years ago and really left an impact (no pun intended!). My family and I were in a neighboring town, attending a festival. As we were leaving, I convinced my husband to drive by my co-workers street because he had recently moved and I was curious about his new house. As we were driving down his street, a cat ran out in front of our van and we heard a "thud." Uh. oh. We saw the cat run off, but we had no idea if it was hurt at all. Luckily, there was a woman walking with her baby a little bit down the street so I got out, explained what had happened and asked if she knew where the cat lived so that we could possibly talk with the owner. As I was talking to her, I realized that I knew of her through conversations with my co-worker. So I asked. And it was her. She was his neighbor and good friend. At that point, I knew that my co-worker would know that I was on his street and that he would also know that I was doing a drive-by. The neighbor said that she knew of the cat and that she would talk to the owner and let him know what happened. It turned out that the cat was ok and that according to my co-worker, I was officially a stalker. We had a lot of good laughs over that.

So anyway...I am curious. Blogs have been a great thing for me to get glimpses into peoples' lives and to get ideas. Sometimes I will see or read about something that seems like a great idea and try and incorporate it into my life. I am all about sharing ideas! I have a pretty good size list of blogs that I like to check out and honestly, I could spend all my time reading about other people.

But now...Facebook is my thing. I know that I have mentioned Facebook before, but I am seriously hooked on it. When I am home, I usually have it on most of the day and when I walk by my computer, I hit refresh and am instantly updated on what's going on with my friends. The great part is that these are people that I have a history with. These are real-life people that I know. I love my blogs but I love the personal connection that I have with my Facebook friends.

My curiosity needs are so being met right now. I get updates, I get to see pictures, I get to have conversations...what a great invention. So I may be a little obsessed, but it's done in the safety of my home and no little four-legged creatures are at risk.


Souza Sisters said...

OMG I LOVE Facebook!! I am totally addicted to it... I probably spend too much time over there... That's why my blog hasn't been updated hardly at all... So I am right there with ya:)

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